Atschoolgames.com started its activities in the last days of 2020.

It is a web game site for children and everyone who likes to play, that includes the most popular pc games and offers new quality games to its users by following the game world.

Our professional content team aims to provide the best quality and fun games by making the necessary reviews before publishing the games, eliminating the content that will negatively affect the moral psychological and spiritual development of children.

For this reason, content that highlights the elements of violence, blood, sexuality, politics and fear are not available on our site. In addition to the control of the content, we always keep the advertisements on our site under control.

Despite all these efforts, if you encounter any negative situation on our site, please report it to us through our communication channels as soon as possible.

The rights and responsibilities of the published games belong to the game developers. You can contact us by e-mail for all your questions and comments.

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